Master Professional Language Skills with AI

Practice industry-specific conversation with an AI teacher via real-life conversations. Prepare for your next international project and dive deep into the workplace community.

The first industry-specific AI language tutor.

Up to 20% more income

is what bilingual employees earn over their unilingual colleagues

128,000 US Dollars

is how much in extra earnings each new language you know will earn you in 40 years.

Better community inclusion

when talking the same language at a workplace or during a project.

Practice professional language via real-life conversations.

Talk about everything, everywhere.

Choose your industry

Freely select your industry to get the most personalised AI language tutor lessons. We offer over 30 different industries.

Select an industry topic

Choose one scenario from an unlimited set of topics within your industry or just have a loose conversation.

Get an overview of learning

See saved messages, mistakes you made, and many more - all to speed up your learning process.

Business solution for your employees.

Enable global expansion and community within a workplace.

Tracking individual progress

Get an overview of the progress employees are making. Our AI algorithms automatically evaluate their CEFR language level.

Skill-based project matching

Enable matching to international and global project based on the language skills within a topic.

Employee benefits and community

Offer language learning as one of employees' benefits. Enable community within a workplace to drive inclusion.

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Practice languages with an AI tutor

Master languages through daily talks. Our voicebot mimics real conversations, corrects errors, and discusses any topic you choose.